Station Eleven

stationelevenStation Eleven
by Emily St. John Mandel
2014/ 352 pages
read by Kristen Potter 10h 41m
rating 8.5 / A++  lit-sci-fi

I got this in Kindle format when it was on sale,  but decided I’d really rather listen,  so that’s what I’m doing – for the most part, anyway.   I don’t do this kind of double reading very often, but I really enjoy it for several reasons.  First,  I can listen to a good narrator for more hours than I can stare at my iPad.  Second I can go back to the Kindle version and reread and maybe highlight certain sections,  get the spellings of names,  note the chapter breaks,  etc.   And kind of third,  last night I was able to take the Kindle to bed and read a couple chapters there.  >>>>MORE >>>>

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