A Long Way Gone:

longwayA Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier
by Ishmael Beah
2007 / 229 pages
read by Ishmael Beah – 7h 48m
rating 7 / memoir

Beah’s book is a memoir,  but it appears that discrepancies have been found and that’s always a problem for some when good sales are involved.

Well … imo…. EXCUSE me???  Consider the source, huh?  This is NOT James Frey for whom I have zero tolerance.   This is the story of what happens when  a 12 to 16-year old boy in a war zone  loses his family to the brutality, then wanders around the countryside with his friends for awhile, snagging food, sleeping as he might.  He finally gets “conscripted” into the government forces to fight the rebels who decimated his village. Then he’s suddenly rescued by UNICEF and guess what …  Beah’s got post-traumatic syndrome to the max,  but he’s rehabilitated and a decade later writes a memoir.  Let’s see … >>>>MORE>>>>

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