The Secret Place

61Yzebp17UL._SL150_The Secret Place
by Tana French  (Ireland)
2014/529 pages
read by  Stephen Hogan, Lara Hutchinson / 20h 34m
rating A- / crime
#5 in Dublin Murder Squad series

Another trashy crime novel – not too trashy (I just say that)  – very suspenseful.   A spell of relistening was necessary because  the accent is pretty stong and my attention was weak.  Second time it was very good and I enjoyed  the book.

There’s really a tad too much silly teenage girl angst, especially at first,  every other chapter is about the concerns of a small group of exceptionally close girlfriends who attend an elite girl’s school in Ireland.  This is the backstory of the relationship between the girls and their male friends at a nearby boy’s school.  It’s the lead up to the murder but

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