Enough already!

Enough already – time to get back to my regularly scheduled text novels and non-fiction. I have to lay off the audio for awhile – I’m all caught up and more! I’ve listened to 11 (eleven) audio books this month already – yikes.

So – in the iPad/Kindle I have Quincunx (Charles Palliser) to finish – it’s so good – as well as Mother (Maxim Gorky) which is okay. Then I have some reading group books coming for October – The Age of Ambition (Evan Osnos) The Narrow Road to the Deep North (Richard Flanagan) and Nightwoods (Charles Frazier). I’d like to get those read in the next 10 days or so. (The Frazier is available in audio and I might … eeks) Oh, I’ll get it done – labor of love, and who cares – I’m retired. – Um, yeah but that’s about 1500 pages- what, 150 pages a day? I can do 150 for a few days in a row but for 10 days? Watch this space. – lol

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3 Responses to Enough already!

  1. Those audio books can sure come in handy at times.


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