The Keeper

The Keeper
by John Lescroart
2014 / 321 pages
rating  B / crime
(#15 in the Dismas Hardy series)

I like Lescroart,  but crime and corruption in the cop-shop is getting a tad old no matter whose pen it comes from. The frame story here is interesting, Katie Chase,  a young mother and homemaker and the wife of a prison guard, goes missing one night.  There are no real clues but lots of guesses and the husband/officer,  Hal Chase, goes straight to Hardy for with the legal stuff because he knows he’s become a “person of interest.”  Katie may be just missing, or she may be dead.  Then her body is found but it solves nothing because the case against Chase is stacking up, a girlfriend, insurance money. He has the means, motive and opportunity.  >>>>MORE>>>>

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