The Taliban Cricket Club

talibanThe Taliban Cricket Club
by Timeri N. Murari
2012 / 341 pages
read by Sneha Mathan / 10h 59m
rating:  4

From the front cover and the title this looks like it could be a fluffy little thing, huh?   Well,  trust me – it is.   And worse than that,  it’s a romance!  I got suckered again (It doesn’t happen often.)  I really enjoy lighter fare once in awhile and I don’t mind a bit of  a love story in a tale –  think “Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand,”  but The Taliban Cricket Club just doesn’t have the fun and originality of Major P.  –  Except for the setting (Afghanistan – circa 1999) it’s a fairly clichéd plot and the characters are no better, imo, of course.  lol

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