The Chatham School Affair

chathamThe Chatham School Affair
by Thomas Cook
1996 / 335 pages / 10h 6m read by George Guidall
rating A+ (8) / literary crime

I’m certainly catching up on my listening and crime books since my 3-month hiatus from the genre and medium!  lol –  And good literary crime is a favorite genre –  literary meaning that the narrative  likely has an interesting structure, thought provoking metaphors and allusions,  some unusual insights into characters or the human condition and,  possibly an interwoven theme or two.   (Note to reader – literary fiction is not always that great, nor is it always appropriate for the general story).  I don’t even use the term “literary” except as an adjective – I don’t really think it’s a genre although that could certainly be argued.  >>>>MORE>>>>

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