The Gods of Guilt

51f2uMVYIHL._SL150_The Gods of Guilt
by Michael Connelly
2014/ 401 pages – 11h 49m
read by Peter Giles
Rating – C

This is Connelly’s new one starring criminal defense attorney Mickey Haller, a “Lincoln lawyer” – which means he works out of his car.  Haller gets a call to  defend Andre LaCosse, a web-designer (a digital pimp) who is in jail on charges for having murdered a client, Giselle Dallinger, a high-priced prostitute who was found dead and he was the last one to see her – he says she was alive when he left her.   He’d been at her apartment to collect payment for a job his web-site  had sent her out on – he grabbed her by the neck at the time but then left.  >>>>MORE>>>>

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