I finished sorting out the pages from the posts and putting them into the right months in the menu.  That’s 3 month’s worth of posts sent from my iPad while I was visiting in North Dakota.  The iPad is wonderful for reading and for writing posts but trying to put in the graphics and doing the intro posts and longer pages which I like is too much.  (I still have to do monthly summaries but … )

I had a great time, though.  And now I’m back to the real world in Porterville, USA.  Hot and dry – I get everything done in the morning and read all afternoon.  🙂

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16 Responses to Whew!

  1. Ha ha, Bekah. I love the iPad for a lot of things fur reading, and writing posts are not the things. I don’t like the screen for reading. I still prefer print but when I read eBooks I got the Kindle which I find easier on the eye. And for writing posts, I tend to draft posts in the Notes app, then email the note to myself, pick it up on the MacAir that we also travel with, and finalist my post there. I do write posts on the iPad occasionally but I don’t particularly like it for that.

    Anyhow, glad you had a lovely time with your family and that you are back organising your blog!


  2. Ach – Yes, while traveling I kept a draft of my review in the Notes app of iPad. Then when I was ready I transferred it over to the blog as a post – all on the iPad. I use the WordPress app but it has limits. So when I got home I had these really long blog posts which needed to be split into some pages – this took several hours.

    My MacBook kinda stayed quiet all summer although I had it along. There was no regular wifi unless I went to my daughter’s house. My iPad has 3G. But now I broke the iPad – (cracked screen) although it still works. I’ll have to get another one probably today – I do use it a lot – mail, Words With Friends, reading (yes!),


    • I don’t much like the WordPress app. It makes me nervous and as I recollect doesn’t have a lot of the editing/new post features of the browser version but that just may be because I’m not used to it.

      Yes I have a 3G/4G iPad – I have the iPad Air now (several months) having handed my old one down, at his insistence, to my dad. I love the iPad and use it a lot but not for writing blogs and reading. I love the maps, looking up the internet, listening to the radio and to music, playing games with my kids, taking notes at meetings and conferences, and doing email and social media stuff. I take it everywhere with me. I do have some books on it, but rarely read them.


  3. I’m going to go get a new iPad this week, probably the Air with 4G – I was kind of getting ready to get a new one anyway – mine is well over 3 years old and slowing down a bit (and add the cracked screen!) I use the iPad a LOT! My MacBook is Air also, new in February, I think. I was used to (for many, many years) the big desktop Macs so this is still weird since I haven’t used it much. There’s a hole in my office where the old Macs were – lol – but I really don’t need more than this Air – well – maybe I’d like a CD slot and some other stuff.


    • Yes, I’ve had an iPad since May 2011 – with 3G. (Can’t do without that connectivity, but then I don’t use my smart phone as a smart phone. Just as a phone. Hate the tiny keys and anyhow my plan on the iPad is economical so I go cheap pre-paid on the phone.) The new Air does both 3G and 4G depending on what system is in the vicinity. I still have the MacBook Pro at home for all the big jobs I do, but we travel with a MacAir and Len uses it as his portable device. Our daughter only uses a MacAir which she bought to travel with in 2012. We do have an external disc drive to plug in. I guess most people don’t use CDs anymore?


      • May, 2011?? That’s when I got my iPad 3G, also! Mine was a retirement gift to myself. lol – and I’ve loved it. I don’t have a smart phone (just a dumb cell phone with unlimited use) and don’t see the need as they’re too small for what I use. I manage to stay in my plan limits even when I’m out of town – whew!

        I wanted to put a music CD on my mom’s iPod but I can’t with just a MacBook Air. I think that’s all I’ve wanted to do but can’t. I just got the Air in Feb and really haven’t used it much. I’ve been on the iPad mostly but that’s changing now that I’m home and happy. 🙂


      • Yes, it’s the music that’s the issue … the MacBook Pros don’t have CD slots anymore either. I think mine is 2012 and it doesn’t so I have to use the external drive.

        I mostly buy music on iTunes now, but I have a lot of CDs and every now and then I want to put them into my iTunes library.

        Glad you’re home and happy!


      • Oh, and yes, May 2011. I remember because I ordered it to take on our May 2011 trip to Japan and thought it wasn’t going to arrive in time, but it did.

        We are clearly alike with re phones. Mine is a cheap smartphone got on a deal – but I don’t use the smart functionality. How people read on them and type long emails etc is beyond me.


      • i meant I stay in my iPad 3G plan even when out of town for 3 months! If I skip movies and don’t post a lot of photos (which I don’t) I can do it – even playing Words With Friends with my mom and doing a lot of email and downloading books. I could never do this stuff on a phone. lol


      • Oh, I understand … Yes, me too. I never use it up in the 12 months, which is my mobile plan. I don’t do movies but pretty much everything else. I have such a big credit that I bought international data roaming on our recent trip to Asia. I was careful then because Images chewed it up quickly … But I still came home with a credit.


      • I think your plans must work differently. I get 3 gig a month, no annual plans that I know of.


      • The cheapest plan here is 15 gig for a year at AUD180 for the year. I never use it up though I use my iPad in the car, out and about many days a week, where there’s no wifi (free wifi is way less common here than the US tho it’s improving). Len reckons that once I pay to join this particular provider a lot of stuff comes free through their network. That must be it.


      • I pay $35 per month for 3 gigs. I suppose that’s in the range of most plans – the more you get the cheaper each gig. I only use that much during the months I’m away from home. The other months I use about 1 gig or less. It’s on for stuff but with wifi and I take it to the doctor’s etc.

        The “free” wifi here is often very weak – I have great reception at home so I get spoiled. lol –


      • Same here … reception either wifi or cellular can be variable away from hom. I’m really glad we have this cheap plan because I don’t need more. The first year it was only AUD150 pa but since then it’s been AUD180.


  4. Cathy Koch says:

    I didn’t realize you lived in Porterville. One of my best friends lives in Springville. I try to get up there once or twice a year. Small world!


  5. Springville is such a great little town – and cooler! (lol) Let me know next time you come up and we’ll see if we can share some coffee at Jenny Lynn’s (coffee shop at the corner of 190 and Plano) and talk books. 🙂


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