by Jim Croce
2013/ 245 pages
rating 8 / contemp fiction

Is Croce a poet? This novel reads like poetry in terms of the sometimes archaic vocabulary and the heavy rhythm. This was to the point I was looking for distinct meter and rhyme schemes.

Long ago and far away, probably medieval England, there was a small community of inter-related people who worked the land at the edge of a forest for its owner the widowed and childless Master Kent.

Walter Thirsk, the first-person narrator is a relative newcomer to the group of workers, but his family has worked for the Kents for several generations. He is also a widower. One day in late summer as the community was harvesting, a man appeared. He made marks on paper and the group decided the owner of the land meant to sell it. They called him Mr Quill. >>>MORE>>> 

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