Orphan Train

orphantrainOrphan Train
by Christina Baker Kline
2013/ 273 pages
rating 7/ YA? –  hist. fict.

I’d say this book is mostly for folks ages 16 and older because it’s not really action based (for younger people)  and it weaves a theme around the idea of “what you take and what you leave behind.”  This gets really interesting when Vivian, as an old woman, says she herself has been left behind.

Actually, I wasn’t going to bother with this book, but a group had chosen it, I was kind of out of things to read, and it was offered on sale. So I caved, and overall was glad I did because it seemed to improve quite a lot as it went on.  And I chuckled in recognition of lefse and St. Olaf >>>>MORE>>>>

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