The Everything Store

everythingstoreThe Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon
by Brad Stone
2013/ 373 pages
rating 9 / nonfiction – business

I would never make much of a business person, but I love the books – they’re like reading adventure tales to me. (I’d never make much of an adventuress, either.) And because I was so interested, or maybe Stone is a really good writer, it took longer to finish because I was reading, occasionally rereading, every single word, And I was sad when I finished – no more book?

Stone gives us the mesmerizing story of how the brilliant and intensely competitive Jeff Bezos created, developed and now manages -as in the eponymous title. Being a long time and heavy user of Amazon for books, and as a reader of good business/economics articles and books, I was understandably interested from the gate.  >>>MORE>>>

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