The Idea of Israel

ideaofisraelThe Idea of Israel: A Study in Power and Knowledge
by Ilan Pappé
2014 / 313 pages (Kindle)
rating: 9 – historiography/memoir (!)

This is an amazing book!   I decided to read it as an antidote to My Promised Land and it certainly was that!   Ilan Pappe is one of the “New Historians” of Israel and not terribly popular in Zionist circles, but his books sell well, at least in the US and in the UK where he resides.

Reading it was a fabulous refresher course (if rather grim) in the making of history as regards Israel, but for folks with some background in historiography the general points and themes are a sort of affirmation, if not a surprise, and applicable in many historical situations – the US, Soviet Russia, South Africa? >>>>MORE>>>>

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