Questions of Travel

questionsQuestions of Travel
by Michele de Kretzer
2013 / 481 pages
rating:  5 /contemp fiction

Well whaddaya know-  one of the epigraphs in de Kretzer’s book is from E.M. Forster’s Howard’s End (which I just barely finished).   The epigraph:

“Under cosmopolitanism, if it comes, we shall receive no help from the earth.  Trees and meadows and mountains will only be a spectacle…”  (and there it ends)

So much for the good parts of this novel.   I only read it to be able to write a scathing review.   There is no story in this novel – at all – it’s a load of words strung together describing the lives of two different people,  usually on two different continents,  as they go through their childhoods,  adolescence,  young adulthood,  etc. and end up in other places as tourists or travelers or something. >>>>MORE>>>> 

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