Telex From Cuba

fromcubaTelex From Cuba
by Rachel Kushner
2008/322 pages
rating 8.5 / historical fiction

This is Kushner’s first book which I decided to read after falling in love with her second,  The Flamethrowers (2013).    To an extent we have the same themes in play –  identity and class for instance,  but here race is significant.   They both deal with revolution and revolutionaries.   Also, they are historical fiction in a sense although The Flamethrowers is set mostly in the 1970s.

Telex From Cuba takes place in a place called Preston,  Cuba (very near Holguin toward the southern end) during the late 1950s – the United Fruit Company has been harvesting the sugar cane for all it’s worth supporting whomever is in power >>>>MORE>>>>

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