Between Books –

funny-cartoon-book-readingOh dear,  except for one really long history book,  Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898  by Edwin G. Burrows and Mike Wallace,  I seem to have caught up on the reading.  At least I’ve finished the “group reads” scheduled.  Now what?   I belong to several active Reading Groups and I’m caught up through August.   I try to hold off on the next month’s books until the 15th of the prior month or  I’ll likely forget too much to discuss well – the enthusiasm lags.  But reading ahead is one option.

There are books  being read by groups in August which I could reread – To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf,   Reef by Romesh Gunesekra  or any other goodie from this month.    My copy of  Woolf’s book is all marked up from my last reading several years ago so I’d kind of  like to get a new one – Kindle for iPad probably – pretty cheap.   The Kindle has some nice introductory material or I could get the free pdf.

Another option is that I could listen to The Cuckoo’s Callling by Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling).  Her “Casual Vacancy” was pretty good – this has had good reviews.   –  But I’m kind of tired of listening to books and my house is clean.   I usually like to have one print book and one audio book going at a time.

Other options – read ahead with a select few – I’ve got Louise Erdrich’s Love Medicine from the library because I wasn’t sure I’d care for it.  I’ve read a couple others by her.   I’m always kind of fascinated because they take place in North Dakota – home of my heart.   But I don’t like library books – I can’t write in them and they have to go back.  So I downloaded the sample and started a bit, and it looks better than I thought.  (This is a Sept. reading selection for the 20th Century group.)

And there are several other books I could read if I want to get into September readings but … it’s too early! (But oh it’s so tempting.)   This leaves the rereads or my old TBR shelf or a new audio.

I’ve got a week – probably 2 or 3 books.  We’ll see –  I’ll probably get the Kindle version of To the Lighthouse and reread it first.  That’ll take a day or so.  Then maybe a bit more of Gotham – maybe 50 pages.  Then perhaps ye olde TBR pile – ???  I actually have no idea.

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