100 books! (omg)

avatar-readingAt some point  last week I realized I had some time on my hands before July 1 when I could start on my next scheduled reads – (see READING NEXT).  I was real tired of crime novels.  I also realized I had a big stack of unread books on my TBR (to be read)  shelves I’d been meaning to get to.   I’d already read 17  books in June but …  I started checking those books out and read a couple of them – Okay –

Then the weather turned HOT here – (110+ F.)  and I tend to stay indoors – more time to read.   Something clicked and I read a few of the TBR pile (I was saving those for retirement but I’ve been retired 2 years now – ’bout time!)    So now I was within mere sentences of reading 100 books in the first 6 months of 2013.
** See my spreadsheet at:  Google Docs Bek’s Books 2013

So  I read a couple more of these slim little things which had waited so long,  and got to 98 books.   But by this time it was June 30 and I gave up – no way I could read 2 books today.   Wait!  I noticed I’d forgot to enter Beowulf which I read a few days ago and so then the count was 99 books – this was at about 8 AM.

Well,  how could a good bookwormie girl such as myself resist that?  I checked my TBR pile – no… they’re all too complex for a one-sitting read.  I checked to see if there was a short book I’d consider re-reading.  (I do that anyway from time to time.)

And there,  Dear Reader,  mis-shelved with my “best of the best” books was Hemingway’s  “The Old Man and the Sea.”   And it’s only 124 pages long – I can do this – (actually,  how can I  NOT do this? – See prior post. )

I’m satisfied – both with the book and getting to 100 books.

One good thing this did for me was to really check those TBR books out carefully – I’ve got a  couple selections for July and August going.   When I get to the 10th- 15th or the 25th-30th of a month I can read one or two of them –  categories:  Native Americans,  Don DeLillo – ??.    On my scheduled reads (for reading groups)  I won’t allow myself to go more than a couple weeks in advance – I sometimes do it anyway but in general I try to hold back.

I have no ambition to get 200 books this year – this happened this one time.  I like to read what I like to read  and books are often over 50o pages or they’re very dense and take longer.    I’ll be happy with 120 books for the year if  the rest of my time is spent in good health, good company,  good food,  good whatever – happy and enjoying life.   Most likely I’ll hit 160 or so.  (Last year was 159 with 77 in the last half of the year.)

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