The Sense of an Ending x 2

endingThe Sense of an Ending
by Julian Barnes
2011 / 165 pages
rating 8.5

Another group is reading this Booker winner so I’ll play and reread it.

I give it that high of a rating because it’s well written for a soap-opera with literary themes..  The theme is … ta-da ta-da … memory and time –  Barnes’ old hobby horse.  I rather enjoyed it in Flaubert’s Parrot, >>> MORE>>> 

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1 Response to The Sense of an Ending x 2

  1. I enjoyed this review Bekah … Even though it made me wonder why I enjoyed the book so much. It’s almost like we read different books! When I read your reflections, I think, yes, I can see how you could see it that way and wonder why I didn’t! And yet, something about the book really engaged me … And you haven’t changed my mind, not really anyhow! It’s a book though that has generated an amazing variety of positive and negative responses.


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