Thai Die

Thai Dye
by Monica Ferris
2008 / 297 pages
read by Connie Crawford 7h 36m
Rating – B
Series: Needlecraft Mysteries, Book 12

I love Ferris’ titles –  from Crewel World to And Then You Dye – they’re quite clever (to a punnish mind).    As the series continues it spreads outward from Excelsior,  Minnesota and with this one includes Thailand in the story – although the setting remains in Minnesota. Dorie,   friend and  customer of Betsy Davenport (the protagonist for the series)   brought back some souvenirs from her trip to Asia and,  as instructed,  brought a box to an antiques dealer in a nearby town.  But then she finds that killers are after her.   This one is a bit more graphic about violence – not much.

The more I read Ferris’ Needlecraft series the more I find I’m involved with the Monday Bunch,   the little group which meets at Crewel World.  I know Minnesota and Crawford’s pronunciation of names is better than that of Susan Boyce but I was very used to Boyce.

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