World Book Night

Well – I volunteered today in World Book Night project:

And I had a really great time!

My chosen book was Zeitoun by Dave Eggars – a book I read a few years ago and really enjoyed.

First I wanted to use Target but they have a policy about no one except from headquarters can be outside their store. (That means only the Salvation Army at Christmas.)  Then I tried a sandwich shop downtown but the owner  was leery because he didn’t know what was in the book – can’t blame him for that.   Then I went over to a local supermarket where I had seen people standing outside passing stuff out before.   They said okay but next time check in advance.  Okay. (Yes, I learned that one.)

So then I’ve got a spot and I found my true huckstering self – WOW! ( I’m impressed with me!) (lol)  A sample of my script:

“Are you a reader?  No, not too much of one? Then this is for you!”   (Show the book.)    “Nope – it’s not political or religious.   I’m with World Book Night (show button) and we’re promoting reading – that’s all.  There’s no cost – it’s free.  I don’t even want your name.   What’s it about? It’s non-fiction,  a true story about a couple who are going to get trapped in New Orleans during Katrina.  He has some business properties, rentals and so on, which he wants to stay and protect.  She has kids and she wants to protect them.  So he stays and she goes.   That’s him on the cover going around his neighborhood to see if he can help.   So the twist is that he’s Syrian and the police are not accommodating.”  (By that time they’re holding the book)  “Here’s a bookmark.  Enjoy!”   And off they go –  both of us happy.

I had a couple serious “no thank you”s,  but that’s it.  I really looked for males,  but in the end there were as many women as men,  I think.  I went at about 11 AM and it only took me about 40 minutes to distribute 20 books.  Well… the  last one I saved for my ex-boss who worked with me in promoting literacy at a local function,  but who is a light (!)  reader himself.  I took it over to the school and we chatted a bit and I went home. – very happy,  satisfied,  hoping this happens again next year.


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