Best of Sci-fi – (my list)

Another blogger got me thinking about this.  I have a different “best of list for sci-fi” than my normal literary reads.    I don’t read so much sci fi anymore,  but when I was in about the 5th or 6th grade  I read When Worlds Collide and was hooked.  One of my first adult books – maybe my first.  I’d read all the library’s  children’s section sci-fi,  such as it was,  so I ventured into the adult section.    These days I like Connie Willis and a few others as they cross my path.  Here’s my list as it stands now – they’re in order but that gets shaky toward the end of the list:

  1. Dune by Frank Herbert (read 2 or 3 times – first in the late 1960s.) >>>> MORE>>>>
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