So I’d like to try reading a lot more slowly – read a book twice maybe.  I’m tired of trying to read every book that every group reads and comment intelligently.  I’m not going to drop more than 1 group where I’m not interested anyway.   I’m going to continue reading with the All-Nonfiction group (all books)  and the BookGroup List,  Booker Group,  21st Century and the 20th Century when I’m interested – usually.   I think this might drop my stats from 14 or so a month to 8 or 10 a month.  That’s fine.

What prompted this decision was rereading Snowdrops by A.D. Miller and loving it – realizing that I’d missed most of this subtle romance with Russia stuff on my first reading – I was so busy looking for a thriller plot line.  Rather it’s a very subtle book,  driven by character and setting.   Meanwhile, there’s another book I read a bit too fast,  The Death of the Heart by Elizabeth Bowen – I also want to read that again.  (See the blurbs below with links to reviews.) And there’s no time at all for simple self-chosen books like From Eternity to Here by Sean Carroll.

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