reading slump

I don’t know what’s happening but i’m in a slump – no interest.  This is probably due to the gaming where I had to kill a dragon who didn’t really have to be killed if I’d done it right – something went wrong.

Another possible reason is that I currently have too many books going –  The Pioneers by James Fenimore Cooper,  Byzantium by Judith Herrin, Elizabeth the Queen by Sally Bedell Smith,  A Conflict of Interest by Adam Mitzner,  and Middlemarch by George Eliot.  And then I’m supposed to lead a discussion of A Tale of Two Cities in a history group.   I really want to read all of them except A Tale of Two Cities because I’ve read that one more than once.  I love Middlemarch but I’m listening to Conflict of Interest.  Byzantium is quite interesting and I feel like just barreling through.  Elizabeth the Queen looks intriguing.  I probably shouldn’t have started The Pioneers.

Third – maybe this is a normal after Christmas slump.

Sigh – more later …

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