Crewel Yule

by Monica Ferris 
2004 / – 256 pgs / audio 6:34  read  by Monica Harris /  rating – 6 (B for crime)

 The Nashville Needlework convention is rescheduled for December and this is hard on everyone from the business owners to the hotel management because it’s close to tax time and too late for Christmas orders.  On top of that a very unusual snowstorm hits and the conventioneers are snowed in.  Betsy Devonshire, a business owner,  her friend Jill, a police woman who had meant to attend a different gathering there,  and Godwin, Betsy’s employee are all on the scene when Belle Hammermill, a store co-owner falls 9 stories to her death on the atrium floor.   This is NOT fine lit by any means but it’s good fluffy fun and I may read another of the cozy detective – Betsy Devonshire series.

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