Still reading Finnegans Wake (page 203) but that will be a long project – until New Years, I think.  Also reading The Saga of Gosta Bering but again – will take a few weeks.I added two books to my current reading:

1.  Life by Keith Richards (and James Fox)  –  listening – read by Johnny Depp and Joe Hurley   2011 – 23+  hours

Memoirs or autobiography  (if that’s still a viable term).  Pretty good so far.  Depp is a very good narrator – I’d likely never read this on my own but a group is reading it.  Up to 1h 26m.



 2.   In the Garden of the Beasts by Erik Larson – 2011 – 390 pages – Kindle

Larson has a good style for this kind of book –  I’ve also read The Devil In White City and really,  really liked that.  I’ve always wanted to read Isaac’s Storm.  This is the story of the American ambassador and his family to Germany in the 1930s.   Up to page 23.

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