The Inner Circle

innerThe Inner Circle
by Brad Melzer
2011 / 544 pages
read by Scott Brick 14h 15m
rating  B  /  political thriller

The Inner Circle was first published in 2011 and  it takes place in the not too distant future.

I bought the book because I thought I’d read something by Meltzer prior and because I enjoy Scott Brick’s narration – the man can make a dramatic performance out of a techie manual.

Anyway,  The Inner Circle is the first of three (so far) books about Beecher White, an archivist at the White House.  White is also involved in what is called the Culper Ring,  a group dedicated to preserving the presidency (as opposed to the president himself).    In this first book of the series Beecher and his new-old friend Clementine are looking at some documents in President Warren’s archive cubicle when they find a very old dictionary with many pages pulled out hidden inside an armchair.  Then the guard dies suddenly.

Tracking the dictionary (to George Washington) and its meaning involves finding friends and foes in the president’s closest circle.  It gets quite complex and suspenseful.

Meanwhile,  Clementine doesn’t know who her father is and now that her mother has passed away she’s free to find out.  Beecher knows – but what he knows is that her father is locked away for the attempted murder of the president.

I’m seriously considering the second and third books in the series – I’ve become attached to the continuing characters and some of the history is interesting.

Washington and invisible ink:

The Culper Ring: