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Arctic Summer

Arctic Summer by Damon Galgut 2014/352 pages rating: 6 /fiction – fictionalized biography Nonfiction which “reads like a novel”  is fairly common and I’ve read a fair amount,  but a novel which “read like a biography” is rather unusual – in fact this … Continue reading

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My Son’s Story

My Son’s Story by Nadine Gordimer 1990 / 272 pages rating 8.5 / contemp fiction (South Africa) At first I was thinking this might be an easier book to read than either The Burgher’s Daughter (about a white woman joining the … Continue reading

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Swimming Home

Swimming Home by Deborah Levy 2012 / 154 pages (K) rating 8.5 ? / 21st c. fic. Although it’s short,  this is not a quick and easy read –  well, duh,  it’s a Booker nomination so what did I expect? … Continue reading

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Waiting For the Barbarians

Waiting For the Barbarians by J. M. Coetzee (South Africa/Australia) 1980/152 pages Rating:   8.5 –  20th century political fiction In an Empire there arise border disputes with the barbarians who live in the forests and deserts outside the gates. … Continue reading

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Thirteen Hours

by Deon Meyers 2010/ Audio – 11:29/ 7.5  Capetown detective Benny Griessel has some problems,  he drinks and womanizes too much and his wife has tossed him out.   Also,  a very young, female tourist …  MORE

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