Conclusive Evidence ~ 
by Al Macy 

Conclusive Evidence
by Al Macy
2019 / 278 pages
read by Nick Sullivan 6h 56m
rating:  B+ / legal drama


 This is an amusing legal drama using the themes of a murder (?) with a deaf defendant, embezzlement, privacy, and twins.   

Taking place in a fictional Northern California somewhere neat the coast in Humboldt county,  Garrett Goodlove is back in the small town aspect of the law. Goodlove has several cases on his calendar but the most significant is that of his twin sister who is deaf and has been arrested for the murder of her estranged husband.  She supposedly pushed him off a cliff into the ocean.  Although it’s short, there are a lot of little threads and aspects to this which make it kind of fun.

It’s pretty good escapist fare for another day of “stay home” rules.

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