Blood Defense
 ~ by Marica Clark 

Blood Defense
by Marica Clark
2017 / Read by Tara Gilbert 11h 50m
rating:  B / legal thriller 

I read one other Marcia Clark years ago and wasn’t

too keen on it but I thought I’d try again.  This is the first in a series with a kind of bad-ass type female lawyer.  Someone in a reading group recommended the series so I got the first one.  

Um … no – the narrator is too sweet for it. Other than that the plot and action are kind of over-my-suspension of disbelief by a bit.  I got through the book and it was okay. 

 I looked at the next volume in the series and it was read by a different narrator – one with a somewhat deeper voice. Then I read the description. – Oh my.  Nope.  

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