Only the Good ~ 
by Rosemary Reeve

Only the Good
by Rosemary Reeve
read by Noah DeBlase 10h 3m rating: B /  legal thriller 
Jack Hart/Harmony Series #3

In this third book of the Jack Hart trilogy, Harmony is getting over her trauma in Japan and Jack is settling down again in Seattle. There he’s notified that his father has died in a fire in Bellingham.  What?  His father has been gone as long as Jack has been alive.  Absent fathers, whether they are dead or just missing. is like a theme of the whole series.  

It’s a great plot mixing up wonderful characters from the prior books, but I’m not sure the plot hangs together properly in this final narrative  If it does, it’s pretty far-fetched and the reader might really have to suspend some disbelief for the sake of the story (and for the characters).  Moreover it seems like there are inconsistencies between the books in the series.  I lowered the rating due to that.  

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