The Silkworm

61JahB2CE4L._SL150_The Silkworm
by Robert Galbraith
2014/ 464 pages
rating: A+ / crime
narrated by Robert Glenister – 17h 22m

OMG – what an incredible book!  I love it!  Yes,  I liked The Cuckoo’s Calling well enough – and I looked forward to another go-round with Comoran Strike and his sidekick Robin Eliacott so I jumped at the Audible version of The Silkworm when it came out.  Unfortunately, I left  ye olde  iPod in P’ville while I was in Northwood ND for 3 months so it didn’t get read.  But I’m into it now by golly!  (And I can listen for hours on end here –  he he.)  >>>>MORE>>>>

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4 Responses to The Silkworm

  1. winstonsdad says:

    Glenister was strangely who I had mind when I heard about the main character in this book he has a world worn quality about him


  2. You’re thinking of Glenister as Strike? Philip Glenister? I checked him out on google and yes, that’s a good mental image for me.


  3. We are reading the first one right now. We really like it, even though we wouldn’t have normally picked it up (yes, we admit that we’re only reading it b/c Rowling wrote it, but we think this will introduce her fans to a whole new genre).


    • I read the first Harry Potter book and I would have been a huge fan had I been 10 years old. lol – Rowling did an excellent job on the Galbraith books and the second one is better – good choice for intro to crime fiction. I read a fair amount of crime fiction but I usually listen to it while walking.


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