The Devil’s Half Mile ~ by Paddy HIrsch

Story of life in New York City circa 1799 with financial shenanigans,  gang crime, political intrigue and a young man in search of the truth of his father’s suicide by hanging.   Justy Flanagan, a young American man who has been getting his education as a lawyer in Ireland,  returns to find not only that,  it seems Francis Flanagan was involved with Wall Street intrigues, con artists,  gangs and thieves.  

The Devil’s Half Mile
by Paddy Hirsch
2018 / 304 pages
read by Euan Morton – 11h 22m
rating:  B / Historical crime-thriller 

After that it’s a pretty average novel although it’s possible I was not really in the mood.  (Just a note – I started tuning out when______ , Justy’s mulatto love interest, appeared on the scene.)    

I think maybe I’m generally not that big a fan of historical fiction although there are plenty of books in that category I dearly love – The Quincunx rates a 10/A++ in my ratings.  

The trouble for me is that the real story behind Alexander Hamilton and the establishment of  the First Bank of the United States, the Panic of 1992 and the downfall of William Duerr is far more interesting than the make-believe thriller although it is very well researched and i tall takes place after Duerr’s death. 

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