Silent Child ~ by Sarah A. Denzil

This is a break from the more challenging books I’ve been reading,  Silent Child is a book in the genre of psychological-suspense-thriller including some stuff on the gritty side.   (This is often the kind of thing I buy on sale if I can’t find a good legal thriller.)

Emma Price (now Hewitt )lost her only child to drowning when he walked away from his school during a flood.  Aidan Price was 6 years old at the time, living with his mother and her parents.   That was 10 years ago at the outset of the book and during that time Emma had tried to get on with her life,  her parents died and she married went to college and is now 8 months pregnant.

And now he’s been found by strangers bedraggled and walking along a road not too far out of town.   Emma’s life spins out of control – her only desire is to provide a safe haven for her son and for him to recover – because he was taken to a hospital and the police identified him,  then they called her.  But now Emma is pregnant by Jake,  her husband of several years.

silent child.jpg

Silent Child
by Sarah A. Denzil
2017 / 417 pages
read by:  Joanne Froggatt – 9h 29m
rating:  B  / suspense (kind of gritty)

Now Aiden is 16 and he’s been abused and possibly tortured for a decade.  He’s non-responsive at first as his mother tries to adjust and his natural father shows up.   There are newspaper reporters to deal with and cops and doctors – nothing is the same – even friends have changed.  At several points the reader gets the sense that Emma is coming unglued herself,  but that applies also to both Jake and Rob, Aiden’s father.

We’re observing the unfolding of this drama through the 1st person eyes of Emma who is telling the story in past tense with a tiny bit of foreshadowing.   It might start out as a novel of plain old psychological suspense (and the possibility of an unreliable narrator),  but ends as a true thriller,  a bit  predictable but with it’s own little twist at the end.  Still – just a B.

It was good as a break between books which require a bit more focus on my part but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re squeamish.