Since We Fell ~ by Dennis Lehane (notes)

Oh,  I am ready for a good juicy crime novel and it looks like the choice of the 4-Mystery Addicts group is just the thing.   I read one book by Lehane,  Mystic River  years ago and enjoyed it and don’t know why I didn’t follow up with others because this one is so good I realize what I’ve missed.  The tension does not let up from the prologue to the last sentences and I just took the day off and listened.


Since We Fell
by Dennis Lehane
2017 / 432 pages
read by Julia Whelan – 12h 2m
rating  A / crime

Part I:  – up to 2012 or so (Haiti earthquake.)
Rachel –   Rachel Childs was raised by her brilliant but somewhat demented single mother,  Elizabeth Childs, PhD in psychology and popular author.  Then her mother died Rachel wanted to find her father the name of whom Elizabeth would never divulge –  the man Elizabeth had “expunged” from their lives.

She finds her mother’s ex-husband who had served as her father but that was a false lead.  Elizabeth had apparently been seriously mad,  maybe evil.
Bruce is in this chapter but as a minor player – a temporary boyfriend –

Lehane is a master of suspense and twisted plots and it shows.  Other motifs are art,  The Hudson River School and

Sebastian – Rachel’s boyfriend – works as a local station television producer. Rachel works there also but ended up on a slide back to the local station where she also had problems.   James,  her first thought of father,  is very cool but disappears from the story too quickly.    Lee was dead.  Bruce D. seemed nice but turned out creepy.

Her mother was the real character and a very strange one indeed – mean,  perhaps malicious,

“You want someone to tell you why –  why no one cares about you.”   Scene at cemetery – was this her father’s ghost?

On the wrong side of the mirror.

Part II –  Brian –   2012 on –   Rachel and Sebastian got divorced. Brian Delacroix,  her old safe flame,  picks up on Rachel again – both divorced.  Bruce is independently wealthy but works at _____.

Landa –  a guy she meets in a bar after he had a fight with his girlfriend and she after her divorce was final.  The whole thing is a set up for Brian to re-enter Rachel’s life.

Scott Pfeiffer of Grafton Vermont  –  Brian’s look-alike but he’s from a happy middle class   family.  Bland outside with vile insides.  Brian spies on him.

Caleb – Brian’s partner and Rachel’s friend.  Married to a Japanese woman.

Andrew Gaddis –  an actor – friend of Brians – who is a pain in the butt.

_________ Alden  (?)  –  Brian’s old friend

Kessler –

We might have a case of Lehane taking a shot at the “Gone Girl,”    “Girl on the Train” books –  there isn’t a 1st person narrator but the intimate 3rd person point of view makes this an unreliable something – narrator or character.