Write to Die by Charles Rosenberg

Sometimes the inexpensive ones are really good!   On sale with a further reduction,  this is a legal procedural more than a thriller, although there are certain thriller moments.  I love legal procedurals and thrillers.   They’re usually a basic form of  who-done-it and they don’t often have a lot of gore.  Also, they’re sometimes a bit more challenging what with the courtroom aspects.



Write to Die 
by Charles Rosenberg
2016 / 480 pages
read by Will Damron 
rating:  B / legal thriller

Rory Calburton is a young,  but rather serious-minded  partner in a firm which specializes in entertainment law in Los Angeles.  Meanwhile, Sarah Gold, a very smart, young and  beautiful new associate in the firm as well as a private investigator,  has some self-control issues,   These two try to work together but their temperaments are not naturally compatible.

One morning Rory gets a phone call from Joe Stanton,  the owner of a film production firm whose legal issues are handled by Rory’s company.   When Rory gets to Stanton’s office he finds the man dead – murdered right in his office.    Stanton’s business was involved in a lawsuit concerning a movie script supposedly plagiarized from a now reclusive film star.  The star is suing the film company and Rory’s firm was handling that case – now? –  Well –

That starts things rolling,  but when the the head of Rory’s firm, Hal Harold, is charged with the murder and Gold starts her extra-curricular  escapades the pace really picks up.

It’s a fun book – full of a lot of legal proceedings and all twisted up with deceptions and more deceptions.  Sarah adds some more physical excitement and the author and narrator keep it very interesting with the writing and the reading – okay.   It’s not perfect – a few too many coincidences for my tastes, but if you’re a fan of legal crime this is a good one!

I’ve got 2 more Rosenberg books to read – Long Knives and Paris Ransom – but the reviews don’t sound like they’re nearly as good as this one.  I read his Death on a High Floor a few years ago and loved it.


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