Terms of Use by Scott Allen Morrison

Amazing book for the times – prescient.  And it was published in 2015!,  but … well,  it’s about how social media (think Facebook or Twitter) tricks can affect a presidential campaign.  (yes) –

At first it seems like an odd mix of a whole lot of standard plot twists. Then the hard-hitting second half hits – the meat –  the election is “rigged” bit.

Terms of Use 
by Scott Allen Morrison
2015/ 368 pages
read by David Colacci 12h 21m
rating:  A

Sergio Mansour is 50 years old,  a research executive in “Circles,”  the social media company he created.  The company itself thinks all the data (and there is a LOT of data) is completely secure and Sergio is working on what he thinks is a really fool-proof system.  But there are a couple of people who definitely know that nothing is foolproof.   Then the company’s whole system crashes – Circles is down.   There’s a confrontation and the chief security officer is found murdered,  the flash drive he had is missing.   But Sergio gets it and is then he’s  the person the really bad guys want to, have to, get.

A lot of chasing for awhile but then the figuring out starts –  I honestly couldn’t see how it could end in anything other than disaster.