A Deadly Grind by Victoria Hamilton

I’ve been looking for a series to supplement Monica Ferris where I’m all caught up and she’s not quick about coming out with new episodes.  We’ll see  –  this is okay.


A Deadly Grind
by Victoria Hamilton
2012 / 304 pages
read by Emily Woo Ziller 9h 33m
rating –   B-  /  crime – cozy

Jaymie Leighton and her older sister Becca live in their small town where they collect vintage kitchen ware and cookbooks. At an auction,  Jaymie has her eye on an old Hoosier cabinet  and manages to get it,  but later that night a man is found dead in their porch,  apparently having been struck on the head by the grinder part of the Hoosier.

So Jaymie and Becca are the talk of the very small Maine community and Jaymie,  being bright and curious gets to thinking…