A Country Doctor by Sarah Orne Jewett – review

What’s a poor orphaned girl,  raised from birth by her grandmother in a country home and then by a guardian named Doctor Leslie,  to do?   Nan Prince dearly wants to be a doctor but that’s not likely in 1885 or so,  but she doesn’t seem to know it.  The good doctor has always encouraged her,  she did well in school,  she made a commitment and she found a college.

The twist is that our heroine’s deceased father’s sister enters the picture and Miss Prince has her own ideas of what young ladies ought to set their caps for.   George Gerry seems ideal – at least to Miss Prince.



A Country Doctor
by Sarah Orne Jewett
1884 /  304 pages
read by Kate Reading  7h 58m
rating:  8  /  US classic
(read and listened)

*finished 5/28 or so)

There’s more to this book than that – Jewett is a fascinating author and there are several chapters specifically related to feminist and Christian issues – Chapter 9 needs a reread as  does Chapter 13.

Among the themes Jewett touches on are the role of women in society as well as how a woman can achieve both family and career if they are so called.    “… all people, regardless of sex, receive individual vocational calls”

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