The Kind Worth Killing

killingThe Kind Worth Killing
by Peter Swanson
2015 / 320 pages
read by four narrators – 10h 18 m
rating:  A

Ted Severson ,  a very rich tech developer,  is disturbed by his young wife’s adultrous behavior.  On a business trip he meets a very nice looking young woman named Lily Kintner on a plane.  At her suggestion they play a game called “truth”  in which they tell each other the whole truth about their lives.  As it plays out,  Lily leads Ted into saying he would not mind killing his wife.   They set out to put that desire into action.

Lily tells us her story but it doesn’t seem as though she tells Ted.  Her life from about age 13 is built on tension surrounding what she has done and therefore is willing to do.

There are several major characters in the book and most have their own first person voice which makes for a very interesting structure, adding tension – sometimes presenting the same scene from more than one point of view.

This is a hugely suspenseful novel –  at first the reader is not privy to the motives of the main players and not even what they’re up to. Besides,  the situation can change quickly.   So there are many mixed messages to start but those clear up – and then there’s more –

The writing is okay for the book as it is,  it’s  not great but it works for suspense. The situations and solutions sometimes seem a bit contrived,  convenient.  The narrators are mostly quite good but there’s one who is a bit whiny,  irritating.

Boston Globe