Orphan X by Gregg Hurwitz

orphanOrphan X
by Greg Hurwitz
2016/ 368 pages
Read by Scott Brick 11h 15m
Rating:   B-

This is basically a chase-type  thriller using an almost super-hero protagonist, several  evil bad-guys and some technology.  Scott Brick adds even more suspense.

The premise is that in the 1980s some orphans were raised and trained to do assassination work for various intelligence agencies.     Evan Smoak was one of the kids and some of the flashbacks deal with his training,   but he managed to escape.  Now, as an adult with plenty of money,  he works as the “nowhere man,” an internet pseudonym,  helping people with serious problems  -like the girls who are used as a prostitution ring,  the man who got in trouble with the druggies but can’t go to the police because he’s an illegal alien.   Both of those cases are definitely life and death.

The orphan program was abolished and the orphans went their own ways,  some very bad wayw.  And now someone seems to be on Smoak’s tail.  They were trained pretty much the same way so the best guys are the best guys at setting up,  hunting and killing their prey – now they’re doing  it to each other and everyone is suspect.

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