Falling in Love

fallingFalling in Love
by  Donna Leon
2015 /  256 pages
read by David Colacci 8h 23m
Commissario Guido Brunetti series #24
rating:   C+  / crime –

I think this is my first Guido Brunetti books and I enjoyed the first part but …  – I got it because I love the voice of David Colacci (see the John Lescroart books) and the book was on sale!  … Well.  What’s a good girl to do?  lol

Flavia Petrelli, a world-renowned opera singer, is apparently being stalked by a flower-thrower – a fan? – Who is bombarding the opera star with bouquets and bouquets of yellow flowers?  They come to her in the dozens in London and St. Petersburg and in Paris – now she’s in Venice.   There are even flowers inside her apartment.  she calls Brunetti.

Then one night Francesca, a rising young opera singer whom Flavia has only spoken to once,  praised,   is thrown off a bridge and breaks her arm in the fall.  It was not an accident or an act of random violence – it was the deliberate and the perpetrator is very mysterious.

Leon writes nicely but nothing special. Brunetti is a book lover so there are lots (and lots) of literary references which are fun for awhile –  but imo literary references do not a literary novel make.

Leon creates a nice ambiance for Venice but again,  nothing special (keeping in mind that this is my first Leon).  And Brunetti is an interesting  detective although fairly typical – except he seems more normal and somewhat nicer than most.

The premise for the plot,  the development of the tension were great at first but even they petered out –

Overall? – Meh – unless you enjoy Tosca and opera in general.  I may or may not read other books by the author – ? –