Cruising in your Eighties is Murder by Mike Befeler

The feisty octogenarian Paul Jacobson and his new wife Marion have won an Alaskan cruise.   Paul has a couple of  problems – first he has no short term memory,  when he goes to sleep everything that transpired during that day disappears from his mind.  He doesn’t even remember his wife on a day to day basis.



Cruising in Your Eighties is Murder
By Mike Befeler
2013 / 383 pages
Read by Jerry Sciarrio 7h 42m 
Rating –  B,  (but I get a stupid little kick out of these books)
(#4 in the Paul Jaconson Geezer Lit Mystery series – ) 

Paul’s other problem is that he regularly stumbles on dead people,  murder victims.   The police are naturally suspicious but Paul has his charms.

This time he goes in search of his masseuse and finds her dead.  She’s from Latvia and as coincidence would have it,  there’s a passenger on board who is looking for a long lost relative from that country.  She wants to include this person in her abundant will.  A niece and a nephew might be jealous enough to murder,  but then …

Yes, that’s the way it goes.  Very cozy,  nothing serious – fun if you can stand it.