Diamond Solitaire

diamondDiamond Solitaire
by Peter Lovesey
1992 / 327 pages
read by Simon Prebble 10h 47m
Rating:   B+  / crime – police procedural

Peter Diamond, working as a security guard after retirement from the police department,  finds a young Japanese girl abandoned in the department store where he is now employed.  Diamond takes an interest and a short time later is found working with the girl who has not been claimed and is apparently autistic – she’s living at a home for special needs children.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the US, a pharmaceutical company is going through some changes.  The eldest son does not want to take over the business but goes to Vienna to negotiate and ends up with the business.

These two threads go on for almost half the book with the reader learning quite a lot about autism and pharmaceuticals while the tension and a couple twists slowly build.

Then the story takes off with deaths and mayhem, international travel and  regular old sleuthing.    I really enjoy the character of Diamond.  Lovesey’s style is clear and to the  point,  the plot gets quite complex, there’s a thriller aspect more than a who-done-it.

If you haven’t read Lovesey  but enjoy this type of crime fiction I’d say give him a try.   They’re not great lit but they’re a lot of fun.   I’ll likely be getting another in the Peter Diamond series (either #1 or #3) but not right away.