Away in a Manger

mangerAway in a Manger
by Rhys Bowen
2015 / 256 pages
read by Nicola Barber 6h 9m
rating B+ / cozy & historical crime
(Molly Murphy series #15)

Very short and sweet – cozy really.  I enjoy getting a Christmas crime novel at Christmas time – it doesn’t always put me in the spirit but my usual fare can actually take away from whatever spirit I’ve managed to get.

One year I got hooked on a series because of a Christmas book!  (Crewel Yule by Monica Ferris) so who knows?

Anyway,  thanks to Lelia at Buried Under Books I grabbed this rather new book and started in.

Molly Murphy an Irish immigrant and amateur detective has moved up in the world in prior books in the series and that’s alluded to in Away in a Manger – she and her husband, a New York police captain, Dan Sullivan,   still live in New York City with their baby and a young relative.  Dan is a good guy who has issues with the gangs and Tammany as well as the force.   This is New York at about 1901 or so (the same time as The Octopus by Frank Norris was written!).

Christmas is coming and Molly sees two small children begging.  She yearns to help them and in doing so ends up untangling a web of crime and deception. Bowen does a good job with the setting and characters but there is nothing of cognitive interest here,  the basic story line is as predictable as Dickens (and there is a resemblance)  and it’s just kind of fun watching it unfold.  I might check out Rhys Bowen again.