The Crossing

crossingThe Crossing
by Michael Connelly
2015 / 400 pages
read by Titus Welliver 9h 20m
rating A+  / crime
(#20 in the Harry Bosch series)

I’ve read almost all of the Harry Bosch police procedural series over the years – many years and regularly entertaining.  I caught up a couple years ago and have followed the series as the new novels came out.   I’ve also read the Mickey Haller legal thrillers – good stuff.

But after 20 books,  Harry is getting older and in the prior book was forced to retire.  He’s still gung-ho LAPD, and his half-brother, Mickey Haller still works as a defense attorney,  the “enemy” as far as Bosch is concerned.  Now Mickey needs Harry’s help with investigations which could free a truly innocent man and Harry wants something to do – hard as it is to “go over to the enemy” if what Haller believes about his client is true is also means a killer is still on the loose – so Bosch’s conscience is mostly relieved.

The plot:   The beautiful wife of a police officer has been horribly murdered and Haller’s client has been charged with the crime.  But because of certain evidence the client,  Leland Foster, a reformed convict is probably not the killer even if there is really damning evidence against him.

The evidence? – Well there’s the fact that Leland’s semen was found inside the victim and  his alibi doesn’t hold up.  Then there’s the problem of the watch missing from the victim’s arm and the missing cell phone of the second murder victim, the list goes on.  Bosch is challenged – and he hates the idea that if Leland is innocent,  then there is a killer on the loose.

Tid-bits –  The Uber driver, Marco, is funny – I would love to see him as a regular side-kick or something but …   also of note – Connelly mentions the California drought – definitely dates this novel –  and it’s not over yet –  love it.

And I wonder if this is adios for Harry Bosch – I doubt it.  I sense that Haller is going to need him again – at least one time – maybe – although this is the 20th novel and the end could be read as an ending – ?

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