The Attorney

martiniThe Attorney
by Steven Martini
1999 / 448 pages
read by Eric Bergmann 11h 5m
rating B- / legal thriller
(#5 in the 13-book Paul Madriani series)

The story started out so well – rich old grandpa Jonah and grandma Mary  Hale have custody of their granddaughter Amanda because the child’s mother Jennifer is a drug addict – in and out of jail.  Then one night they are threatened with the loss of their  granddaughter by the Zolanda Suade,  their daughter’s advocate. Then the granddaughter is kidnapped.  Grandpa hires Paul Madriani to find Amanda and make the courts work so that he can keep her.

Unfortunately,  Suade is murdered and the evidence and motive point to Jonah – along with the fact he has no alibi.  And the evidence mounts.  Meanwhile,  some really bad people are hunting Jennifer –

And at that point the story kind of goes over the top as far as I’m concerned – not quite as believable as it should be.   And then it gets predictable.

Martini is a competent writer with an occasional paragraph of brilliance.  It doesn’t save anything.  Bergmann is a great reader – that helps.  I’ll likely not read anything more by Martini – too many really good ones out there.

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