Down Among the Dead Men

downamongDown Among the Dead Men
by Peter Lovesy
2015 / 384 pages
read by Simon Prebble 10h 41m
(15th in the Peter Diamond series)

I’d not read any of Peter Lovesly’s books prior to this one  and I enjoyed it.  Actually,  I’m coming to enjoy non-US crime novels more and more.  I’ve read English, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Icelander, Italian, Russian, Irish, Scottish, Canadian, South African,  Botswanan,  French,  Japanese, Australian, and likely others – depending on the term “crime.”

The group 4-Mystery Addicts (4-MA) chose this to read for December and I decided to try it.   Never read a book by Peter Lovesy before (so this completes my new-to-you authors challenge.)

There is a three-chapter opening in which a car thief gets a surprise and the girls at a private school have a new teacher – their old one has gone missing over the summer.  Finally,  in Chapter 4 the series detectives from Bath  enter the picture planning a trip south to Chichester to investigate the apparent misconduct of a detective there – she is accused of mishandling a case because family is involved.   But that brings up the case the car thief was involved in 7 years prior.

It’s the twists and turns of the plot which keep the reader involved – and there are plenty of surprises right up to the last page.   The main characters are nicely drawn, Peter Diamond is accustomed to being in charge but on a trip with the boss that’s tricky – and Georgina Dallymore, the boss,  is an insecure and uppity woman which grates on Peter.  The supporting cast is rather typed as is appropriate when our focus is supposed to be on the crime-solving.  The writing is adequate for a crime novel – it’s clear and simple without being pared to bones.   There’s no graphic violence but the crimes certainly involve violence –  like a cozy police procedural these days – not really much different from Louise Penny’s books.

Bottom line – I’ll likely read another Lovesy at some point,  probably not right away.