A Killer Among Us

killerA Killer Among Us
by Charles Bosworth
1998 / 460 pages
read by Kevin Pierce 16h 14m
rating:  C / True Crime
(Elizabeth/Rick Decaro case)

I succumbed –  years ago I read quite a lot of True Crime – no serial killers, thank you,  I like the ones which are heavy on police and legal procedures with some good psychological reporting. Then  I got tired of them at some point,  but when Audible showed up with some good ones I hadn’t read,  well … as I said,  I succumbed.

A Killer Among Us is standard fare – background of the murder of a loving wife whose husband has been spending too much money and having an affair.  The “who done it” is not an issue.  The family of the victim and the perpetrator are in the foreground with the police and legal procedures taking second place.

The “style” is clean, clear and straightforward and the few metaphors are  cliched and actually don’t quite fit.  This is more like news reporting than anything and that’s fine because I read for what, where, when, why and how – the questions of journalism.   That said there’s often a bit of creative nonfiction involved mainly for the purposes of building suspense.

What makes this book/ case a bit different from what I’ve read before is that a contract killer is used.  As a result the husband has a perfect alibi – so there is considerable interest in finding the evidence to back all that up – good tension stuff, too.  And if you know nothing  about the story the legal procedures have a few twists.

I think what bogged it down for me was the emphasis on the family pain.  The author obviously conducted in-depth interviews with them.  It made the story rather lop-sided and heavy with their pain.  Bosworth is not the new Ann Rule (my favorite from the old days).

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