The Crime Writer

crimeThe Crime Writer
by Greg Hurwitz
read by Scott Brick  10h 58m
2007/ 324 pages
rating: C+  / crime

Just for a kick – getting back to my good old suspense novels. I enjoyed You’re Next by Hurwitz well enough,  and this sounded good.  Based on self-select (not a strong suit) I went for it.   Another positive thing is that Scott Brick narrates and this is suspense – perfect for him.

Drew Danner,  a writer of mystery novels,  wakes up in the hospital with no memory of how he got there.  He finds out he’s been arrested for the murder of his ex- fiancé, but remembers nothing about it.   After being found guilty by reason of insanity – it was a blood clot found in his brain which rendered him with no memory – Danner wants to find out what happened.

Except for a diatribe about the LA life-style, this is pretty much  formula crime writing,  a good twisty plot with plenty of suspense and believable characters – within the confines of their “type.”    One interesting thing is that the protagonist, being a crime writer by trade,

Overall – disappointing.

Lvsometimes thinks in terms of  writing a narrative.  Great entertainment.

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