The Snopes Trilogy – notes


The Snopes Trilogy
by William Faulkner
1940 – 1957
three volumes
Rating 10 / classic American

Setting – Frenchman’s Bend and the city of Jefferson in  Yoknapatawpha County – (based on Lafayette County Mississippi) – early 20th century.  This is the setting for many of Faulkner’s books.

Characters – The Varners are the old post-Civil War rich,  Snopes are the newer white trash.  Ratliff is a Russian salesman.  Stevens are an old Jefferson family.


Idealism in The Mansion 
by Noel Polk

“The Mansion and Moral Ambiguity”
by Theresa M. Towner



Lafayette County Mississippi


Plantation house – inspiration for The Hamlet


The Rise of Faulkner’s Snopes Family: Political and Social Concerns:  – 

William Faulkner and the Tangible Past

The Architecture of Yoknapatawpha



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